Monday, 24 March 2014

He said to lose my life....


I lost my voice.
Fuckin' White Lies, man.
I just saw them play last night, I've waited a long time for this... Well, two years. That's not very long, actually.
A friend of mine (her name is Monica), she's waited 5 years!
Okay so White Lies were supposed to come to Singapore back in 2011, but they had to cancel it due to the disaster in Japan.
It took them 3 years to come back (well, 2 if you count in that private Burberry event crap in 2013 that none of the fans could go for lol) but they've finally returned!

So... I woke up really late like 1pm haha.
I was supposed to reach TAB at 3pm, even though the concert actually started at 7.30pm, but hey, I didn't wanna take any chances!
Monica and I, we've already planned to be early, becuz both of us are crazy about White Lies. Lol. Also this was our first time meeting!
And it turns out that she's a really sweet lady and we got along so well, it was awesome!

Thaaaat's Monica on the right.
You know one thing we have in common? Curly hair. Hahaha.
As soon as we met, we headed straight to TAB.
However there wasn't anybody guarding the entrance, so we thought what the hell.
And we walked in, just to check things out.
And then we saw....

The stage.
We weren't even supposed to be there.
There were some dudes (who work there) and White Lies' crew members I'm guessing, but they weren't fazed at all. It was like we were invisible!
Well, we just stood there and watched, while we still could.... Until some dude walked right up to us and told us to get out.
That was hilarious, and so much fun. Lol.

And so we headed back out again, and just hung around.
Waited and waited... Then decided to take a selfie with the mini poster that was displayed outside!
For the rest of the day, we basically:
  • Sang along to White Lies
  • Made stupid song references in our conversation
  • Complained about the sun and warm weather
  • Talked about how kawaii Jack is
  • Laughed at Charles's tweets
  • That one of him poking a Ferrero Rocher with a "biro"
  • We're gonna refer to a ball-point pen as a biro from now on
  • Sounds so professional i luv it
I think it was around 5pm.... Monica suddenly turned her head and she was trying to get my attention and I was confused I was like WHAT IS IT WHAT WHAT
Well, when I looked to my right, there they were. THE BAND. W h at
What's funny is that they just strolled in by the front entrance. They used the main entrance omg I thought there should always be like a secret passageway for bands to get to the venue idk????
When I stood up, I only saw Charles and Jack about to head inside.
I think Harry had already gone in, and I didn't see Tommy or Rob anywhere but maybe that was just my eyes not working becuz I was already eyeing Jack and freaking out kinda.

Jack noticed the both of us, and actually greeted us so that was very sweet of him!
I remember him saying, "We're gonna go for soundcheck now."
I asked, "Are you guys gonna come back out again?"
I don't remember what he said exactly, but I recall that it was something positive, and he smiled and then we said goodbye!
It all happened a little too fast, but I'm glad I could keep myself calm and composed. I guess I'm getting the hang of meeting bands, hahaha.

After what happened, we definitely couldn't believe it...
Especially Monica, who was speechless the whole time, and then started screaming after the boys went in!
Well, we were only two hours away from seeing them again...
And since they were doing soundcheck, and the venue wasn't that big, we were able to hear all the songs that they played.
I remember hearing There Goes Our Love Again, Streetlights, To Lose My Life and another one that I'd forgotten.
Both of us were trying to see if we could identify the songs that they played, cuz everything was so muffled!

Sooo we were both really expecting the band (or at least just Jack!) to come out and meet us after they got done with soundcheck, but they didn't so that was a little disappointing. :-(
I started screaming out JACK YOU LIEEEEEE obviously in a joking manner, hahaha.
I also came up with a new nickname for him: Jack Liar-rence Brown. Har-har, I'm so funny.
Well, we were pretty bummed at that time, but something even better happened after the gig... I'll leave that for later.

Another friend of mine (a fucking wonderful ex-schoolmate that always goes for gigs with me yooo), Y2, reached the venue at around 6.30pm, and now there were 3 of us, first in line! Yes, we were first in line, that's how ridiculous we were, to be queuing up since 3pm. Lol. But it was worth it!!

The doors opened around 6.50pm, finally!
However, we had to do another round of waiting inside the venue this time....
Good news was that I got my place smack in the middle!
Here's a photo I grabbed from Midas Promotions' page:

That blue arrow right there points to me. Hahaha.
It's such a great position to be in! However at some point of time I couldn't hear the keyboards, not sure if it's because of where I'm standing or something else.
But hey, I was staring straight at Jack! AHH
I'm sorry, I just.... Jack is now my favourite member of White Lies. I'm sorry. Hahaha. I'll explain why in a bit...

The setlist was the usual one, minus I Would Die 4 U that they'd been playing recently at shows.
I was really expecting them to play it! Ahh but they didn't, but it was all good becuz they still played Be Your Man, aka my favourite song off the new record!
Anyway most of the songs weren't a surprise, becuz I couldn't keep my eyes off the setlist that they taped to the floor of the stage! It was just there for us to see, haha!
Also someone tapped me on the shoulder and I was like WHO COULD THAT BE OMG and when I turned around, I saw Darren. WHOAAAA HEY DUDE
We were like, talking to each other about the stuff we brought along for the band to sign. He actually had his To Lose My Life LP with him, so rad! Well, mine was just a drawing that I did...

And I also brought my Big TV album along with me. It's the deluxe edition with 2 CDs. I really love it, the fact that it's a hardcover book package thing. I don't know what to call those things.... But this album is a fucking flawless album, my favourite album in 2013.

The setlist:
  1. To Lose My Life
  2. There Goes Our Love Again
  3. A Place to Hide
  4. Mother Tongue
  5. Streetlights
  6. Farewell to the Fairground
  7. Be Your Man
  8. E.S.T.
  9. The Power & The Glory
  10. Getting Even
  11. Unfinished Business
  12. Goldmine
  13. Space I
  14. First Time Caller
  15. Death
  1. Big TV
  2. Bigger Than Us
When they started to play Be Your Man, it really took me by surprise.
I wasn't even prepared for it! However the crowd's reaction was a bit "meh".
I felt like I was the only one who started screaming in everyone's faces and jumped around like an idiot becuz IT'S MY FAV SONG OFF OF BIG TV OK ;___;

Oh yeah also sometime during the concert, Harry walked really close to the crowd and I stared at his shoes and proceeded to stroke it like the creep that I am. Pls don't judge, it was calling out to me... It was so shiny and I couldn't resist. ;__; (like literally. It shines and it was so pretty)
But yeah that was how close we were to the stage!! Crazy.

Before Unfinished Business, Harry talked about it being the first song they ever wrote.
I screamed, "IT'S MY FIRST SONG TOO" i had to do that hahaha IT WAS THE FIRST SONG I LISTENED TO!
And I have Violens to thank for that - they remixed Unfinished Business, and that's when I found out about White Lies. Thank you, Violens. You're such a gr8 band.

The encore was just........ Unreal.
It's a little depressing during encores... Cuz you know the fun is gonna end soon. :-(
I actually recorded Big TV with my phone, but kinda just for fun, y'know?
I recorded my own face singing along too, hahaha. I haven't done that before. That video is a well-treasured keepsake for me though!
I also recorded Bigger Than Us towards the end...
When the song ended, everyone cheered for them. Then, they all gathered in front and took a bow. After that, Jack threw some drumsticks into the crowd, actually in my direction, but I couldn't catch a single one becuz I was recording a video. FML.
Good thing Y2 caught one! With her chin! Hahaha. I started freaking out at her, just screaming. Lol.

Oh also forgot to mention...
I actually threw my drawing onstage before they played Bigger Than Us, and it landed right at Charles's feet!

You can actually see the drawing in that photo, just... There. On the ground. Facing him, even!
He saw it, and smiled a bit. :-) Then while playing he kept looking down to make sure he didn't step on it, but eventually he did anyway. Hahaha!
Unfortunately he didn't grab the drawing so it was just there, so I had to take it back with me. T~T

Basically after the show ended, I turned to the back and searched around for Darren, hoping he'd still be there.
I did ask him before the show started to stay in that spot so that we could go search for the band afterwards!
And yep, he was there. And with two other dudes, Paul and Josh!
So now there were 6 of us in a group! Commence mission.....
Darren told us that the dressing room/backstage was on the 2nd floor, and the ladies bathroom was also on the same floor.
"Just saying," he said. Hahaha. Well at first we tried to act normal, like, oh nothing much, just heading to the loo...
Then we realised there was a long queue inside. Ah, fuck that.
And so we decided to wait..... Darren mentioned that White Lies's tour manager was just right in front of us, chilling. Probably preventing people from entering the area (where the band was, most likely).
He made a move and asked their manager if we could meet the band. We're just 6 kids who desperately want to see them. T~T
Well, luck was definitely on our side!
"I'll let you meet the band, but only if you keep quiet. Don't use your mobiles, don't post anything online."
The moment I heard that, I was like, "Holy shit. WE PROMISE. We will keep our mouths shut!"

And so we waited.... (a lot of waiting in one day, eh?)
Everyone was just really anxious.
Then we saw a familiar figure walk towards us and we said hi!
"Sorry guys, I gotta go to the bathroom first! I'll come back in a bit," Harry said as he approached us. Haha so cute!
We watched as he took the escalator down....
And we waited again..........

"Oh oh he's back!" *Harry ascends from the escalator*
And this is when my memory starts going blurry. Every time I meet a band member or anyone that I admire, my brain just dies for a while and fails to remember things. ;_;
I do remember telling Harry, "I kinda lost my voice, but now I can... *talks one octave lower* ...finally sing like you!"
And we did the usual things like asking him if we could get our stuff signed, and get a photo and all that....

Here's Harry with Y2 and I!
Ahhh I love this photo so much. Look at him, he's like a panda.
I don't know why he keeps reminding me of pandas.
I couldn't remember much of what happened when we met Harry, which is a little sad...
I do remember how much he liked the drawing that I handed to him! (yes, that same copy that Charles stepped on ahaha)

"It's based on Big TV!" I told him a very obvious thing hahaha.
"Yeah, it's amazing!"

I'm so happy that he liked it! :'-)
Well, we all started talking about stuff that I really can't remember at all...
I think I asked him where Jack and Charles were, and he said, "They're around... I'll call them over after this!"

I also don't remember if this was Harry or Jack (I think it was Harry), but we started talking about the venue.
He was saying how he liked the venue they got for this gig, and was wondering if there was a venue like this but a little bigger.
I said, "the previous one?" aka the Coliseum at RWS lol cuz they were originally sposed to play there but the venue got changed to TAB.
And he was like, "Nah, that's like 2000 people and it's too big for us! I think we had around 400 tonight."
"You guys could play there next time, maybe when you're bigger..." Darren said.
"Yeah, probably when we're bigger!"
We also talked about Japanese fans??? Hahaha.
Darren was asking Harry/Jack (I rly think it was Harry tho!!) why bands love Japan, like, every single band wants to go there.
"I don't know... I liked tonight's crowd more than Japan though. They seemed a little weak this time. Tonight was awesome, I really loved it."
I was surprised to hear that!
"But, I mean, there's just something about Japanese fans, they are just so..."
"Passionate?" I asked.
"Yeah, they're very dedicated." Harry continued (yes I am gonna go with Harry haha).

Anddd I don't remember what happened but yeh more things happened....

And then it was finally time for him to go off.
"It's so nice meeting you guys! I'm gonna ask Jack to come over."
And we thanked him, and said goodbye. He's so warm, really just an absolute darling to us.. I'm so grateful. ;v;

And so, more waiting! But this time everyone was definitely already over the moon!
Oh yeah, there was this dude who came to us (I think he's the owner or manager of the venue IDK) and he was like, "OI you all going already anot? I need to close the place you know, now what time already!"
And we were all just like, "Lol. Whatever. Waiting for a band. Who cares about you." and he left.
A few minutes later, some dude in a black shirt walked over.
"Wait... Is that Jack?" Monica asked.
YES IT WAS. IT WAS JACK. Aka my favourite member of the banddddd ok bye
"Hi guys!" Ahh why are you so cheerful and happy I luv it.
"Hey Jack it's nice to see you again!" I said.
And then Monica said the same thing and emphasised on AGAIN. Hahaha.

"Remember us?" I asked.
"Oh yeah you were the girls from earlier today!"
"Yeah we were here since 3pm!" I told him.
Haha he called us hardcore. :'-)
So the next thing he said really just made me go AWWW inside.
"Sorry we didn't come out after soundcheck, we had some stuff going on..."
The fact that he remembered us, and that he actually wanted to come out and see us after soundcheck!!
I thought he forgot about that, aww.

Once again I do not remember what happened afterwards, but let me just type it out and hopefully my memory will return....

Jack actually noticed me in the crowd - especially since I was right in the middle, facing the drums! I was pleasantly surprised when he told me, "I saw you air-drumming, you were really going for it. That was pretty good,"
And then Y2 was like, "Yeah, she actually plays the drums."
Hahaha damn paiseh I swear!!! OMG.
I couldn't stop smiling after that. I was like, "Oh my god, you saw me?! No way!"
I also remember making eye contact with Harry during the gig... Couldn't look away from his eyes!

I think it was him that I directed this question at...
I didn't know the 2nd guitarist's name, so I asked.
"His name's Rob. He's a really cool guy."
Now I know all the members' names!!!!

Also I talked to him about Violens:

Yeh I sound so horrible. ;_; I always sound like a goofball when I talk.
But look at his face when I told him I discovered White Lies through Violens!
Haha, he was like, "Really?! HOW COME???" like it wasn't believable. :'-)
Sorry for the weird camera angle... I was talking to him and trying not to look at my phone screen haha.
Wish I could've taken more videos, but I didn't wanna seem creepy. :-(

"Oh yeah, so we've been wondering, all of us.... What does E.S.T. mean?" I asked (we were really planning to ask this question since earlier in the day lol).
"Ah, well.. You gotta ask Charles about that, he'll tell you everything." Jack answered.

Oh, and I don't remember if it was Harry or Jack that we asked, about I Would Die 4 U, their wonderful rendition of Prince's song.
They didn't play that song, so we were a little tiny bit bummed! We asked them why they didn't play it, becuz they'd been playing it for the previous shows (not including Asia however).
Apparently it's becuz they were too far away (from home), and they couldn't bring the particular instruments needed for that song along with them.
"Aww, well at least you played Goldmine!" I said. :-)

"Could you sign my drawing please? And is it okay if you sign my Big TV too?"

I took a photo with Jack too, of course! Yeh it turned out a little dark.. But I don't really mind!
He's so sweet. No doubt he's become my favourite member of the band now... I'm just still touched by the fact that he remembered us, especially with the soundcheck thingy. :'-)

"Great to meet you guys! I'll call Charles over in a bit."
We all thanked him, and said goodbye.
It's a little weird to be meeting them one by one like this, but it's great cuz we get to focus on only one member at a time.

Anddddd the last guy to come over for the night...

Mr. Charles Cave, everybody.
He's a friggin' giant. So tall!
We all said hi. Darren said, "I like how you brought your own pen."
"Well yeah, just in case!" Charles answered.

So he did some signing and all that.
Y2 handed him her drawing to be signed, and he was like, "Ah, is this the drawing I saw on stage? Oh wait, no, there was another one..."
And I was like, "YOU MEAN THIS ONE" and showed it to him and he was like "Ah, yes! All our fans are so talented." Aww :'3

Finally, the burning question that we wanted to ask.
What does E.S.T. even mean?!
"We asked Jack but he told us to ask you instead," I said.
Charles shook his head. "Drummers.... So irresponsible." HAHAHAHA.
"E.S.T. means Electric Shock Therapy."
And everybody goes, "Ohhhhhh!"
Then he explained what it was all about... Something about his relative(?) or someone else who was executed in an electric chair, or something like that. I wasn't paying attention!

Sooo when I asked him to sign my Big TV, I requested for him to write my name too.

"What's your name?"
"It's Puteri, P-U-T-E-R-I."
"I'm sorry?"
"Oh! Okay."
"Puteri... That's a very pretty name!"

I died inside awww Charles you're too sweet ;-; I think my name is ridiculous but thanks ahaha.

We then talked about Charles' playing style becuz c'mon, who else plays the bass like he does?!
So. Fucking. Rad. He's amazing.
"Do you even use the picks on the mic stand?" Darren asked. And he laughed, haha.
Sometimes he does strumming on the bass and it's basically to get like the different octaves/harmonies or something like that, I don't remember lol.

After that, Darren asked if Charles could draw something on his LP!
And he really did take his time to draw, using dots, even. It was fun looking at him work on it.
Darren: "Ahh it's so personalised, now I can't sell it on eBay anymore."
Charles: "Haha, you could sell it for £20 maybe!"

I think that was it for the night.... We said our goodbyes.
I thanked Charles for the last time, and he went off.
"Bye Charles! I love your beard btw!" I yelled out. He laughed and said thanks!
"Have a safe flight tomorrow, bye!" He waved, and walked back to the dressing room/backstage, and that was that....
We were all still in a daze, kinda like... Whoa. What just happened??? Was that even real?!
Yes... Yes, it was.
We finally made our way down. We saw the band's tour manager looking down at us from above, and we thanked him a million times. I walked right into a tray cart in the process. Lol.
I'm just extremely grateful towards their tour manager for giving us the opportunity to meet the band....
Did I mention that Midas Promotions actually held a contest for fans to win Meet & Greet passes? Yeah.
We didn't even have to participate! I knew I wouldn't win anyway, cuz it was all about popularity. Kinda sucks, but eh... Kudos to those who won.
I'm glad we got to meet them without actually winning/participating in that contest! I felt like such a lucky motherfucker oh man.


Also gotta thank Darren for the Goldmine lyrics sheet!!! :'''')

Well it's almost 8am, and I guess I'll stop here now...
Hopefully my memory gets better and I'll be able to add more things in here. I need sleep.
But seriously, I think this night was when I really just let loose and danced like a crazy person.
I think I went even crazier than The Cribs in KL... I sang, I screamed, I danced, I jumped...
My neck hurts, my shoulder, my back and my legs all hurt. My throat still feels a little itchy.
This is the kind of pain that I enjoy (wait, that sounded weird), post-concert body aches, yesssss.

I think I'll go now....

Puteri x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

So I just bought a single ticket...

A single ticket. A single movie ticket. For the first time in my life. Why?
Becuz Garrett Hedlund, that's why.
I just found out Inside Llewyn Davis was already showing in cinemas, and today (Sunday) they're showing it at 6.35pm.
Obviously since I have classes from Monday to Friday I wouldn't be able to catch the movie, especially since apparently the last day they'll be showing it is Thursday?
I don't even know, maybe they're showing it for a longer period but they're too lazy to show all the timings.
Speaking of timings, there's only one single timing for each day.
So my initial reaction was... WTF?
Then I decided to just watch it tonight. Becuz YOLO. And becuz Garrett Hedlund (even though he's not really the main character but idc).

If you know me, you'll know that Garrett is my favourite actor in the universe.
Scratch that, he's my favourite person in the universe.
I'm not sure why, but I really think he's amazing, and I just love him so much, it's crazy.
First time I saw him was in 2008, HBO was airing Four Brothers, and I was channel-surfing at that point of time, then stopped when I saw his face on my TV screen.
It's pretty interesting... I'm not sure why I stopped. He just caught my eye. I didn't even realise Mark Wahlberg was in the movie too. Lol.

But yeh I just wanted to talk about it. Cuz I've really never watched a movie in the cinema alone.
There's always a first for everything, am I right?
It'll be a pretty interesting experience.
A movie date with myself. More like a movie date with Garrett Hedlund.
I'm so excited! The only time I've seen him in the cinema is Tron Legacy.
Oh man how proud and happy I felt at that time...

Now if I could just hide my social awkwardness, that would be great.

Puteri x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Walking Dead live in Singapore!

WHAT IS UP, whoever is reading this, it's been a while hasn't it?
That's cuz my life has been pretty shitty and uninteresting and lonely and yeh basically.
But then I heard about this event from a friend of mine, who is a big fan of The Walking Dead...
And I'm a pretty big fan too if I may say so. The Dixon brothers are my favourite characters.

I remember my first time watching this show... It was during the original premiere in the US, on Halloween night if I'm not wrong. That was in 2010!
I fell in love immediately. The pilot episode was just so amazing, and it's still my favourite episode even today, after 4 seasons! Andrew Lincoln's work in that episode just blows my mind, especially that one scene where he found out his family was gone, cried a lot, and he tried to wake himself up by slapping his own face. That was great.

I won't talk much in this post, I think. I'm actually getting bored of blogging, anf my English is really just.... Getting worse in time, haha! So I'll just talk about the major highlights of the day... In my experience, of course. I couldn't go to the private Q&A thing that they had, so I didn't get to see that. :-( But there were some videos of it so I'm happy enough! The bromance between Andy and Norman is just SO CUTE.

Anyway, this event was a pretty big thing, becuz Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) were gonna be there, running through an obstacle course specially made for them, and like I mentioned, there was a Q&A/interview thingy afterwards too. And, a private workshop for LASALLE students afterwards!

On that day, I woke up at around 8am, I think. I grabbed something to eat, and went out at 9-ish. I reached LASALLE at 10am, and there were a handful of fans already waiting at the venue. I was alone for a while, becuz my friend (let's call him Jack) was still on his way...
Then I heard someone call out my name, and she sat down beside me. I turned to see my friend Farna staring at me with the biggest smile on her face!
I was so happy that she was there. She also initially went alone becuz she didn't have friends who were big fans. It's funny cuz we follow each other on Twitter, and I kept asking if anybody wanted to go with me, but I guess she didn't see that. :'-)

Hello Farna!
Eventually, Jack reached the venue, and the three of us waited very anxiously for Andy and Norm to arrive. We were right at the barrier, around the obstacle course, so that was really fun! We also run into Janice, haha I really wasn't expecting so many friends to be at this event, I thought nobody would be interested, seeing how I didn't hear from any of them about their plans to be there...

Norman and Andrew reached around 11.40am, I think. The event was supposed to start at 11am! Fashionably late, these men were. :'-)

Hi there!
These dudes were incredible. So many fans were calling them over and they just went around and took like a million selfies with as many people as possible.
Even Adrian Pang (the emcee for the day - also a local actor!) was having a hard time trying to get their attention away from the crazy amount of fans over there.
I remember the first time I saw Norman and Andrew in the flesh, it was surreal...
I've never actually met any actors that I love, only musicians. This was a pretty new thing!
Who would've thought these two would fly over to Singapore, of all places?

The main event was basically this obstacle course thing that the two actors had to run through...
I actually took a video of their run!

This one was Andrew's:

He actually won the run for the fastest time, with Norman coming in second, haha!
I especially loved the last part, when he unshackled the ladies, pulled them up, dropped to his knees (and this shades landed on his face perfectly too!), got back up again and gave them both a peck on the cheeks.
Ahh, I would've died there and then!
And while I'm typing this, I'm also actually chatting with the said two ladies on Whatsapp right now. They're really nice, and it's fun to hear them talk about their experiences (even though I may be a teeny tiny bit jealous!).

And Norman's is.... Well, Blogger isn't letting me post it here, cuz I couldn't find it! Ugh.
But there should be a link from the video above.

Don't you think Norm looked super badass just smashing the walker's head in in one shot?
That was me screaming "One-shot kill!", I am so sorry. Hahaha. That over-the-counter jump was AWESOME.
And of course, not wanting to lose to Andrew, he kissed both the chained lady and gentleman on the cheek! That was adorable.

When that was over, Andy and Norman decided to continue taking selfies and signing stuff with fans!
I was right at the barrier, so I got a lot of opportunities to interact with them.
Norman came over, and gave everyone high-fives, including me! Yay! I've touched Norman's palm! Lol.
I got my drawing signed too!

Signed by both Andy and Norman :-)
Everything around me was getting chaotic, and I'm so glad I actually reached the venue early to get a good spot where I could see things perfectly. Well, except the start of the obstacle course, which had some boards blocking my view... But it's fiiiiiine.
Jack was holding my camera, and Norman grabbed it and took a selfie with everyone, so that was nice!

Reedus tongueporn alert...
I'm glad he took this photo, and with my camera! Ahhh I'll have this photo with me forever.
Afterwards, he came to my area, and I got a photo with him too!
Unfortunately I looked horrible, so I had to draw on my face.

That pen cap in his mouth ahaha so adorable!
I actually had another photo with him where both of us were flipping the camera off but it got cut off. :'-(
But that's fine! I was just really happy I got to meet him, and even get my drawing signed, that was just awesome.

Before this, I also met Andrew Lincoln, who was an absolute gentleman.
I had him sign my drawing, then I gave him the other two copies that I printed for them.

Taken by Farna. He's holding my drawing!
"Andrew, I drew this for you!"
"Oh thanks! Wait, you drew this?!"
"That's amazing, thank you so much!"
"You're welcome!"

Hahaha I felt so dumb saying "You're welcome," but that was the only thing that could come out of my mouth.... ;v;

After all of that happened, they finally had to go off for the private conference thingy, so we all said goodbye to them.
People were obviously still trying to get selfies and things signed ahaha, Norman especially was just surrounded by so many girls.
Security was trying really hard to push everybody back.

"I'm glad I got to give Andy the drawing I did," I said to my friends.
"Hey, is this your drawing?" I heard a girl say.
I turned, and surely enough, those were the drawings that I gave Andrew, on the floor!
I don't know how they got there, but I think Andy had to give it to someone for them to hold on to, but they probably didn't care, or they forgot. :-(
So I grabbed it, and ran around the crowd towards Norman.
I forgot to thank the girl who informed me about the drawing too, I feel so bad. ;~;

Well anyway, I went around the crowd, and tried to get as close as possible to Norman.
Security said, "No more autographs and photos, please move back!"
I thought to myself, "I'm not even asking for those things, I just wanna hand this over to Norm AHHHH"
So I screamed, "NORMAN! Norman, this is for you! I did this for you!" as I struggled in the sea of people.
He heard me, turned to my direction, and grabbed the drawings.
"Ah, for me?! Thank you so much!" he said to me as he walked away.
I ended up screaming THANK YOU SO MUCH too after that ahaha I was so grateful that he noticed me in the crowd.
You're amazing, Norman. ;v;

There was a lot of high-pitched squealing coming from me after that...
I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, even though nothing much happened ahaha.
Jack, Farna and I, we decided to hang around for a little while...
Eventually, Farna went someplace else, while Jack decided to stay and see if he could catch them again.
We also saw this amazing cosplay of Michonne by a girl, known as Saiko Siti Nor. :-)

And she's a really sweet person!
You could see she took a lot of time and effort to make the costume. Amazing.

Smiles all around with Michonne

Jack and I went downstairs to wait for Andy and Norman if they ever come out after that, haha.
We made another new friend too. Yep, so many friends made in just a day...
Common interests, they bring people together.

This is Shane! She initially came to the event alone. She was waiting for Andy and Norman too.
Even though she already got really cute selfies with them. ;-) But you know it's impossible to get enough of them!
We actually went into the venue where they had the interview, and all that, and people were already leaving, which meant that it has ended.
We came into the room to see Andy and Norm downstairs, still taking selfies with fans!
These men are incredible...

They weren't gonna leave anytime soon though.
We waited for quite a while, and I think it was already 3pm, so Shane had to go off. :-(
It was only me and Jack left.
I originally wanted to go home too, but he insisted I wait a while longer.

We met another bunch of people, whose names I didn't get, except one dude named James.
And that's just cuz he gave me his business card!
He saw my signed drawing, and he wanted me to send the drawing to him through e-mail, both the original one, and the signed one. Haha. So that was nice.
And it's because of him, that we actually got to, you guessed it, meet Andy and Norman again.

This time we went to the basement carpark of LASALLE.
And surely enough, the white London cab that they came in by was down there.
I realised I hadn't actually gotten a photo with Andy on that day, so that was the only thing left that I wanted for the rest of the day.
Soon enough, some important-looking people (their managers I guess?) came out from the workshop (where Andy and Norman gave tips and info to some lucky students).
Then, we finally saw the familiar faces once again. Everybody started cheering.
Everyone was swarming around Norman (around 15++ people mostly annoying girls zzz) and I stood beside Andrew, and he looked at me and asked, "Do you wanna join in too?" and this happened!

This man is a total sweetheart. Thanks Andy. :'-)
Mission accomplished! Unfortunately I didn't get another photo with Norm cuz he was getting pulled away from everyone, haha, but it's okay.
They went off and waved goodbye. And that was the end of that....
For now.


Two days later, I found out where they were staying... Fairmont!
How did I know? Well it's all thanks to this one lady I met on Twitter... Who turned out to be one of the hostages that Andrew saved (see earlier parts of this post).
Funny how things work out, eh? And I found the other hostage too...
They are Adrianna and Mehndi.
Mehndi was really up for heading to Fairmont to try her luck, as long as I tagged along.
I had no plans on that day, so obviously I agreed!
Adrianna also decided to join in, hahaha.
Eventually another person found our conversation on Twitter, and she wanted to go with us too. Her name is Adeline.
I thought, "'Eyyyy, the more the merrier. But maybe not too many so they won't get intimidated by us girls..." hahaha.

Lucky for me, my brother was about to head out to City Hall, and obviously I was going there too, so we shared a cab.
I reached super early, before 6pm.
And-- Wait a minute. My brother hasn't paid me back the cab fare!!
Never mind that. I went to Fairmont, looked around, and I didn't see anyone that looked like a fan of The Walking Dead.
I thought that was strange. Maybe we got the wrong hotel......
I got a call from Adrianna, saying she was already there.
And then Mehndi came afterwards.
The three of us couldn't stop smiling, haha, it was just too much to handle!

We thought maybe their hotel was Raffles instead of Fairmont, so we went there and hung around for a bit....
I started getting anxious, and I told them, "I'm sure their hotel is Fairmont. Either Fairmont or Swissotel..."
We kept looking at the photo that Norman posted, of the view from his hotel. I pointed out the green bar at the balcony thing, haha.
I think we had this feeling from the start that they were staying at Fairmont, so we went back to that hotel, and waited...
There was a bar right next to the lobby, and we stayed there for a while, and bought ourselves some drinks.
Adeline reached a little later, and there were still no signs of Norman and Andrew.
I think that was around 6pm, probably between 6-7pm.

A white London cab suddenly stopped in front of the hotel, and that kinda caught our attention, seeing how the guys arrived at LASALLE in that vehicle!
Unfortunately, there was no one inside.
"Maybe they're upstairs in their room," we thought.
But then the cab drove away after a few minutes. Strange!
"Maybe it's gone to pick them up from somewhere..." we thought again. Hahaha.

We just shrugged it off, and continued with our conversation, just talking non-stop about Andy and Norm!
And you wouldn't believe what happened next.....
At around 6.45pm, the same cab (if I'm not wrong. Memory's blurry) arrived at the hotel again, and we actually saw people in it.
I remember Adrianna mentioned she recognised the nose from in that cab... It was Andrew's! Haha.
I saw the curly hair, but I really wasn't convinced that it was them, cuz I didn't see Norman.
And then they stepped out..............

Hoooooly mother of god.
All four of us kinda panicked a little, we really didn't know what to do.

I tried to stay cool, but I kinda freaked out too lol.
Mehndi and I were the ones who decided to walk to Andrew and Norman first.
We said hi to him, and then I saw Norman and I just alsjhldljasfaljfgaljgafaljf-- Sorry.

"Hey, it's the hostages!!!!" this lady who was with them (I'm not sure who she is ahaha oops) exclaimed.
Yep... Yep, it's the hostages once again haha and a random friend named Puteri. Hi. /ninja mode
We asked if we could have photos taken, and Norman ever-so-kindly said yes. I love that man, in case you didn't know. ;v;
When I was about to take a photo of Mehndi and the two dudes with her Polaroid, Norman started waving his scarf around, hahaha. I'm glad the photo didn't end up with his face blocked by said scarf! PHEW. Oh, Norman....
Adeline also got a photo with them next. All was going well until Andrew walked away after that. LOL.
Adeline was like, "But-- These two--" We were all like WAAAAIT
Norman being the kind man that he is, called Andrew back haha.
Of course he had to come back. Sorry Andy... I know you're exhausted and all, we shouldn't have disturbed you. T~T I felt bad about that.
Adri got a photo, and next was me. Yay!

YEHHH! Sigh. Norman looks so good in black ok bye.
Oh okay getting back to the story...
Afterwards, I told Norman, "Norman! I really love your work, Daryl is my favourite character. And Merle, ugh I'm so sad Merle died."
And he just went, "Awwww" and smiled. I kinda died right there.
We didn't get much time to have a chat with them, and I really didn't wanna bug Andrew anymore, so we just thanked them for their time.
"Bye guys!" I exclaimed. Norman looked back, said bye and waved. ;v; /melts

So you know what happened afterwards...
We tried to keep our cool but NOPE. Haha, we got back to the bar, and continued chatting and kinda squealing over our photos. So happy and so blessed!
But that still wasn't the end of it...

I think they stayed upstairs for like half an hour or something, and came back down all suited-up!
Norman came down first, and he actually went to the bar we were at.
He walked past, and actually smiled at us and said hi, but I didn't see that. :-(((((
He went to a nice area of the bar with comfy sofas, and a few people came to sit with him too.
It was kind of a torture cuz I could just poke my head out to look at him but that would've been creepy so I didn't do that, nope.

And then, thanks to drinking like 4 glasses of plain water, I had to head to the bathroom, which was conveniently placed so that I had to walk past Norman.... Well, shit.
I had to ask Mehndi to come along with me cuz I was really anxious HAHAHAHA so we walked past Norman and tried acting like we didn't care that he was there. L O L
Of course, more freaking out in the bathroom.... It was kinda crazy, actually, when I think about it again. Omg.
After we were done, we went out, and surprise surprise, Andrew was already there with them. WELL THEN.
And yes, in a suit. Like, wow, where are you guys going, even? (apparently to some after-party thing by Fox Premium at some rooftop bar, idek)
Again, we tried to ignore Andrew, like he wasn't there.... And he really wasn't gonna pay attention to us anyway, haha.

When we got back to our table, we just talked about how Andrew was already there and all that.
We also tried to change the subject, and not talk about The Walking Dead, becuz WEIRD.

Eventually, Norman stood up, and was about to head out for a cigarette break.
On his way out from the bar, he stopped and looked in our direction. I took a glance and smiled at him, and he stuck his tongue out! I laughed, he waved goodbye and I waved back.
I then looked at Mehndi, and was just like, "OMG did you see that??????????"
Hahaha, Norman is a sweetheart, saying goodbye to us like that.

Andrew followed too but he didn't even acknowledge us ahhahaa ANDREW WHY YOU LIKE THAT :-(
I just shrugged it off, I knew he was just really tired and he didn't wanna attract any attention from anyone, haha. I'm sure he doesn't always ignore people like that. ;v;

And just like that, the two men were finally headed off... In a different cab this time. A really plain-looking one. Lol.
Kinda makes me think they wanted to hide from everyone, cuz the white London cab was so conspicuous, in the sea of other normal cabs.

And that was how our day ended.... My day started in a very shitty way, but ended up as one of the most unforgettable days of my life. Thank you Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln for being so patient with us. ;v;
It's funny cuz the 4 of us were total strangers just two days before this, and it's like we're BFFs now. :'''')

I love you girls, this wouldn't have been possible without you. <3 span="">
I can't wait for The Walking Dead to start again... To see Daryl Dixon again! Ah, so excited!

Sorry if my post is all over the place this time, I've kinda given up on blogging and typing out in proper English ahahaha. ;_;

Puteri x

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Cribs - Heroes from Wakefield.

I hate thinking of how to start posts.... I always don't know what to say!

Last night, I finally got the chance to watch one of my favourite bands live, The Cribs.
These boys are just so amazing on stage. Their energy, the intensity, you can never get that from any other band.
They were playing at a festival called Camp Symmetry, organised by the folks at Symmetry Entertainment.
I remember when I found out that they were gonna be playing at the festival. I thought I wouldn't be able to afford it so I just gave up on going. And sobbed internally.
After talking to some friends and family, I finally made up my mind to just go for it. I mean, why would you wanna miss a band that you love? You don't know when they're coming back if they're ever gonna come back at all. And this is a good time to use YOLO.
Fortunately for me, the festival was after Hari Raya, so I got some money and realised I could actually afford a ticket! It was around a hundred bucks.
I thought, "Hey. It's The Cribs we're talking about. So what if you spend a hundred bucks just to watch one band? That band is in your list of top 5 favourite bands, just go for it."
And so I did.

Oh, and I kinda had a feeling they were gonna play in Singapore, becuz...

Yep. I just freaked out after that. Wasn't expecting a reply!
That was when I knew they were definitely having a show here, and turns out it's at Camp Symmetry!

So I got all excited and stuff, and it inspired me to draw the band.
I tweeted the finished drawing to them, and this actually happened:

You could tell I was on cloud nine at this rate, haha.
Yep, that's basically what happened 4 months ago.

4 months later, I witnessed them on stage, killing it like how they always do. I couldn't believe my eyes.

The only decent shot that I managed to take...
 ...Becuz who the hell takes photos and videos when you can ENJOY THE MUSIC?
I really enjoy and remember a performance better when I stop doing whatever I'm doing and just get into the music. I mean, obviously.
I made the mistake of recording videos when I watched Iron Maiden back in 2011. My no. 1 favourite band and I was holding my camera most of the time. I don't know what I was thinking, but you can bet that I regret that a lot now! I'm really hoping they'll come back...

*Cough* ANYWAY! We're talking about The Cribs now, not Iron Maiden. :-)

The setlist was pretty much perfect.
Except that they didn't play Girls Like Mystery, but I only realised that the next day.
These were the songs that they played, in sequence:
  1. Chi-Town
  2. I'm A Realist
  3. We Share the Same Skies
  4. Glitters Like Gold
  5. Come On, Be A No-One
  6. The Lights Went Out (!!!)
  7. Cheat On Me
  8. Martell (!!!!!!!!!)
  9. Back to the Bolthole
  10. Anna
  11. Mirror Kissers
  12. You Were Always The One (!!!)
  13. Another Number
  14. Be Safe
  15. Hey Scenesters!
  16. Men's Needs
  17. City of Bugs
I was very much surprised when they played Martell becuz WOW I don't think they always play that song.
Also, You Were Always The One ohhhhh man oh man oh man. I think they said it was a special request by one of their friends from Indonesia who was there for Camp Symmetry. So cool!
I just... Wow. I don't know. I say that it's a perfect setlist but I think that's only becuz I love so many of their songs and everything they play is brilliant and there's just no song that I dislike by them. I guess as long as they play We Share the Same Skies, I'll be happy.
And to finally get to sing the Another Number guitar melody before the song starts, I've always wanted to do that. I've always seen it in videos, but I finally got to sing it last night. The crowd was crazy! I really wasn't expecting there to be so many hardcore Cribs fans.
I sang my lungs out during Back to the Bolthole. So much emotion in that song, the way Ryan screams out the lyrics.
Men's Needs was when everybody just went completely bollocks. To sing along to the chorus with the crowd is just so much fun. Also, my brother doesn't really listen to The Cribs, but he was there to watch them during their set, just for Men's Needs. I feel so proud. :') Also, Ryan sang, "Have you noticed, I've never been impressed by your friends from New York and Singapore!" I freaked the fuck out.

There were these pricks at the barrier (I was in 2nd row!), who obviously weren't Cribs fans at all (I don't know why the fuck they were there) and they would occasionally just laugh at the crazy Cribs fans dancing and screaming out the lyrics in their loudest voices (well I was one of them). The only things they would do was meddle with their phones and take photos for the whole friggin' set.
We were super duper annoyed by these assholes, I really wished they would fuck off so I could get to the barrier to get a clearer view, ugh.
Then there was this lady (her name is Melissa), who basically went up to one of them and exclaimed, "If you don't like the band, you can fuck off!"
That shut them up. :') They didn't fuck off, though, but man was I amused by that.
She was super rad! We sang along together too, arms on each other's shoulders, it was unreal.
Also thank god for Facebook, we added each other so we wouldn't lose contact of each other. ^-^
When The Cribs' set ended, she rushed off to try and meet them, and she did! I'm so happy for her.
Ah, that was the highlight of the night.

Oh, here, have a photo of Ross's beautiful drum kit with gold hardware (he himself was a little surprised by it):

That drum kit.... That bass drum skin... Just, yes. Never thought I'd get to see that wonderful skin!
Okay, now I'm mesmerised by his eyes and I don't know what else to talk about......
Well, Mew were amazing. I understand why my brother loves them.
Their last song (encore), Comforting Sounds, made me cry. I've never cried during a gig, ever.
I just got reminded of the music video for that song, it's so sad! Not sure if it's the official video but THAT'S NOT THE POINT ;~;
Last Dinosaurs, Ra Ra Riot and Explosions in the Sky were really good too. It was so worth the money. Camp Symmetry was AWESOME.

Btw I bought merch yayz.

That shirt is just so flippin' cool. Finally I have a Cribs shirt!!

So, I guess I can stop talking about Camp Symmetry now...
Becuz today, I went for a meet & greet session...
Guess who we met?

Wow what is life, right?
The other day I was checking my e-mail, and apparently I was one of the first few people to buy a Camp Symmetry ticket from the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection shop!
So I got an e-mail saying I'd won meet & greet passes, but I really wasn't expecting it to be The Cribs.
I kept re-reading the e-mail just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. It was reality, though.
It didn't help that I saw that e-mail at 6 in the morning while I was lacking sleep...
When I woke up later in the afternoon, I had to check my inbox again to make it sure it wasn't a dream. AND IT WAS REALITY.
I felt so blessed, it was super unreal. Of all bands they could choose for a m&g session, it had to be The Cribs. Wow. What are the odds?

So.... How did it go for me today?
I woke up in the morning, got all my things ready to be signed awwww yeah.
I then went out to meet Ying Ying, and we went to HMV for a while cuz she wanted to buy a Cribs CD.
We then walked to the Fred Perry shop where the meet & greet session was to be held.
Eeeek! I was so nervous and excited all at the same time!
We had to wait a bit, but hey I'd wait for as long as they like.
I bumped into Emma, Sophie and Izzy. It was so nice to see them again! The last time I saw them was The Drums live in Singapore, June 2013. Actually, that was when I first met them.
But yeh.

When it was our turn to go in, we went into the shop and waited for the people in front of us to go off.
Also, yes, Ryan, Gary and Ross were right in front of us, just sitting there behind a desk.
My mind was totally in a mess at that point of time... It was just weird.
While the fans were talking to them of course I had to listen too, haha, and to finally hear the Jarman brothers talk in person just makes me feel all the feelz. I only ever heard their voices from speakers..... :')
Occasionally I would look at Gary, Ryan or Ross. I remember I made eye contact with Ryan, it was awkward. I just smiled and looked away. Lol.
So the fans before us finally said goodbye to the band, and it was our turn to meet them.
I don't know why I got super anxious, this wasn't my first time meeting bands...
Maybe meet & greet sessions just make me super tense cuz the anticipation just drives me crazy!

I went in with an enthusiastic high-pitched "HI GUYS!!!!" bahaha they were so friendly and warm!
Then I gave them high-fives. Ryan extended his hand but then saw my hand and he said, "Ah, high-five, okay!" and grabbed my hand with both of his hands and it was not a high-five at all but it's okay I shouldn't have done high-fives I should've just done a simple handshake, hahaha. That was hilarious though. I think it made me feel less tense too!
Gary high-fived like a pro lol and Ross still wanted to do the handshake thing but we ended up high-fiving each other too. :P I am such an idiot, haha.
I really don't remember what happened.... I suck when it comes to remembering things while meeting bands. I just get caught up in the moment and my brain stops working.
Maybe I should type it in list form as always.. I remember bits and pieces. Nothing after this is in sequence becuz my thoughts are all over the place!

So I showed Gary the drawing I did (from earlier in this post). I just went, "So uh.... I don't know if you remember this drawing, but...." then I took it out and gave it to him.
Then a huge smile just formed on his face.
"Oh yeah, I remember this! That's awesome! Thank you so much!"
It's so cute how he couldn't stop smiling, that made me so happy. :''')
The other two just had this confused expressions on their faces like, "Whuuuu..? Are we missing something?" I bet they don't always check their own band Twitter account ahaha.
They really liked it too! And attached with the drawing was a letter for them that I wrote. I forgot what I talked about but luckily I took a photo of the letter a few days before, haha.

It's kinda dumb, I didn't know what to write.... Funny cuz I thought I'd have a lot of things to say but my brain was just NOPE.
There really wasn't enough space to write on just one paper, so I had to use two. Maybe I did have a lot of talk about...
Aren't those stickers just the cutest?

Anyway, I told Gary how amazing it was to finally get to give the drawing to him in person, becuz I've waited 4 months... And everything worked out perfectly. :') He agreed!
And I think it was either Ryan or Ross who asked me how I drew it.. Haha, so cute. I told them I used a program called Paint Tool SAI, but I don't think they've ever heard of it becuz they didn't react much. Lol.
Y2 also gave them a drawing, and they were equally as excited. It was so cute how they just showed each other the drawings with beaming smiles on their faces.

So we were talking about the setlist and how awesome it was that they played Martell, and more songs from the first album.
Gary mentioned they hadn't played Martell in years so they wanted to change that. Well, I was definitely happy with their choice! And Ryan said they really wanted to play more songs from the first album, so yay for You Were Always The One, and The Lights Went Out!

I also talked about how we found out about The Cribs.
It was through Kaiser Chiefs' Live at Elland Road DVD, Ryan actually made an appearance to sing in Modern Way!
I looked at this mysterious man with a bowlcut and a leather jacket, he looked so.... Strangely cool!
Y2 and I decided to look him and his band up; Ryan Jarman from The Cribs.
The first song we listened to was Men's Needs! I got totally hooked after that.
When we told the guys that we found out about them through Kaiser Chiefs, they got super enthusiastic, like, "You found us through that DVD?! That's so cool!"
"They played here in Singapore some time ago I think, did you see them?" Ryan asked.
"Unfortunately not, we had school :((((((((" we answered. YES IT SUCKED.
Then they talked about how they haven't seen Kaiser Chiefs in quite a while, cuz they moved out from Leeds. :(
I forgot how we got into the topic of Franz Ferdinand after that, but we did.
I mentioned a photo I saw of them with Nick (think it was Ryan and Gary), and he was flipping off the camera. It was hilarious.
They didn't remember that photo, though! I can't find it too on my computer.... I think it was on my Twitter.
I should've saved it on my phone and showed them! Haha.
"He's so disgusting," Ryan said about Nick. They told us Nick is just overall a crazy person and the Franz Ferdinand guys are all party animals, hahaha.
"He must be really fun to be with," I said.

I also talked to them about how I liked playing along to their music, then I turned to Ross and said, "Ross, your drumming." and gave him a thumbs up.
Gary went, "Wait, so you play the DRUMS?" in a kinda surprised voice hahaha and I smiled and said yeah!
Ross then asked me what drums I played, and I told him it was just a Roland digital drum kit. He said he used to have a digital one too becuz he couldn't have an acoustic one at home. SAME, ROSS, SAME.
I didn't get to talk much to Ross cuz he was a little too far away from me haha. :(

I told them I was gonna see them in Malaysia on the 11th YAYZ I'm actually super excited for that (obviously) and it's not at a festival it's just their own gig asldjafga

"You guys reached Singapore at around 3 in the morning, right?" I asked them.
"Yeah, and we had to be at the festival at 7, it was crazy." Gary said.
"Aww.. You guys must be really tired. I reached the festival around 11, really early cuz I wanted to get some merch, like this shirt I'm wearing."
"Nice!" Ryan exclaimed.

I don't know what else happened, but after that we finally got our things signed.
"So um... I... Can I... Is it okay if we get two things signed?" I asked really nervously.
"Yeah, sure, no problem!"

I took out the other copy of my drawing.
"I've got another copy! You guys can keep that."

I was SO HAPPYYYYYY especially when Gary drew that speech bubble of him saying AWESOME!
Oh yeah, Ryan also spelled my name wrong.
"How do I spell your name?"
"P... U.... T...."
*writes D instead of T*
"It's T, Pu-te-ri, right?" Gary told him. Hahaha, that was adorable.
"Ah-- Yeah it's T. It's fiiiiine," I said, as Ryan corrects his mistake. :')
Then I took out my Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever CD booklet and handed it to them.
"This was the first album by you guys that I bought, it was what got me into your music!"
"Ah cool, it's our third album yeah?" Ryan asked.

Yep... Ryan signed twice, lol.
Y2 and I forgot about the gold pen that we had, so I had to mention it to her.
She then went OH.
But Ryan had already signed the booklet with the black marker (I didn't really mind, actually).
Ross was trying really hard to get his big brother's attention, trying to hand him the gold pen but he just continued doing what he was doing, "I know, I know."
When he was done, he looked up and then saw the gold pen. "Oh. It's okay, I'll just sign one more time." :''')
Gary's little note made me smile. Even though it just said, "Thanks Puteri, love Gary x" hehehe.

"I really love these drawings. This one is has a comic-y style (mine) and the other is more to realism/fine arts (Y2's)," Ryan said.

We didn't even notice that we took a long time with the meet & greet session, and one of the organisers actually went in and said, "Girls, sorry but uh..."
And I immediately got the point and I was like WHOOPS SORRY WE FORGOT
Then we asked for a photo with them!
After a lot of shuffling and choosing where to stand, we took a photo (it's right up there in this post somewhere).

It was time to say goodbye.
I hugged Gary and thanked him.
"I'll see you on the 11th," I told him.
"Yeah, see you there."
Guys, let me just say something over here.
That hug that Gary gave me, that was the best hug I've ever gotten from a person WOW
When I hugged him, I thought it was gonna be a short casual one but just when I was about to withdraw, he pulled me in closer and tighter and just held me there for a bit longer. ;v; I basically melted in his arms. Ahhhh.
I hugged Ryan goodbye too, and when I turned to Ross, he was already back behind the desk!!
HAHAHA. I really wanted to hug him but he already ran away from us. I love how awkward he is, sigh, such a cutie.
So I just said BYE ROSS and waved him goodbye and he waved back and we said the last goodbye to Ryan and Gary and that is the end of that, that is the end of that~ (Kaiser Chiefs lyrics I'm sorry)

Afterwards, Y2 and I basically freaked out for at least 2 hours I think.
It was just such an amazing experience, to be able to meet these wonderful kind brothers!
We went home after that, excited to change our Facebook icons to the one of us with The Cribs. :P

It's exactly 7 days to The Cribs live in KL, and I'm very much looking forward to that.
The fact that it's their own gig and not a festival just makes me so happy.
I'm sure the crowd will be a million times better than the one at Camp Symmetry!
Gonna have to make another blog post about The Cribs after that. :')

Puteri x